Dark Tower Movie Adaptation Delayed

Chris Hewitt (Empire Magazine) recently met Ron Howard at the premiere of his movie Rush in London. The resulting interview with the potential director/producer of the upcoming Dark Tower movies, Ron Howard, can be found here (Sound Cloud audio, fast-forward to minute 46 to re-hear the relevant passages). You further can find a brief summary on darktowermovies.com.

Outline: The project is still alive, but delayed, and it will take some more time to finally realize the ambitious Dark Tower movie project. Ron Howard also said he will not discuss more details about the movie right now, and he won`t give any timetable for the project.

The latter one, of course, makes totally sense because many previous dates for the Dark Tower movie production/filming were not met in the past years. After all, nothing really new about the movie adaption of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series, but at least it doesn’t seem to be dead.

Stay tuned for more Dark Tower News!
Until then: Long Days and Pleasant Nights!

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