The Prisoner #3 Out Today

cover_blank_dark tower_prisoner_3

Released today: The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – The Prisoner #3.

What lies within the Old Dutch Mansion? And how do the horrors of the past echo in the present?” asked Marvel editor and creative director Bill Rosemann. “Constant Readers will experience Eddie Dean’s journey through fresh eyes, just as artist Julian Totino Tedesco has presented a new look at this famous Dark Tower location in this chilling cover.”

More information on Stephen King’s official Dark Tower Website.

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An Update About The Dark Tower Movie by Stephen King Himself

Stephen King just talked at MTV News about the Dark Tower movie adaptation. In case you do not see the video below, watch it at MTV or at Liljas Library. He indeed is pretty conviced it will come one day and is not surprised at all that it takes so long to adapt his magnum opus to the big screen.

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