Abbey Lee is not the Femal Lead in the Dark Tower Movie

dark tower movie actors abbey lee as tirana
Abbey Lee (Source: Wikipedia)

Recent reports from stated that Abbey Lee will be the female main character “Tirana“ in the upcoming Dark Tower Movie. Eric Vespe („Quint“) now reported on that her role in the movie will just be minor. Mentioning “Tirana“ to be a lead character in the first Dark Tower Movie has led to some confusion before: The character is  a servant of the Crimson King and only appears shortly in the seventh Dark Tower book. Now, Abbey Lee apparently will have a cameo in the Dark Tower Movie as “Tirana”. Not a female lead at all, but it still remains unclear why this character appears in the first movie that early in the story.

At the begin of March 2016 it was reported that the Dark Tower Movie will be realized with Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black and Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers. Sony announced that the Movie will head to theaters in February 2017, and filming should begin in 7 weeks from then. This would be already in around 2 weeks! But still, we don’t know much more details about the movie yet. However, recent statements from Eric Vespe on are in line with some of the confusion seeded by casting characters like Tirana from the seventh book of the saga for the first movie. He reported that the movie will focus mainly on the relationship between Roland and Jake and contain parts from at least book three and book one. This means the chronology of the story we know from the books will be changed massively for the movie adaptation.The script initially written by Akiva Goldsman was meanwhile edited heavily and partly rewritten by Anders Thomas Jensen.

Furthermore reports that Eddie and Susannah will not be in the first Dark Tower Movie. This means previous rumors about Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul to play Eddie Dean really were just rumors.  Apparently Sony and MRC are not risking a lot for this project for now, since they only invest an average budget for the first Dark Tower movie. Also, the concept of producing four movies and a connecting TV show is not set in stone, meaning that more movies and the TV show will only come when the first Dark Tower movie is going to be a success. So let’s hope they do a good job here. There will be a lot more news about it very soon for sure!

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