An Update from the Dark Tower Movie Set: Which character will Katheryn Winnick be?

News from the Dark Tower movie set in Cape Town, South Africa.  Contributing artist Chad Waller posted on Instagram different photos which imply that Stephen King’s Dark Tower-related short story “The little sisters of Elura” might also apear in the Dark Tower movie:

AlsoKatheryn Winnick posted photos and videos on Instagram, e.g. the following one. Apparently she covers the name of her character, which is still unknown. Maybe she will be Susan Delgado? Possible since the plot of the movie is still largely unknown, but pure speculation so far.

In addition, there are recent reports that at least part of the filming for the movie will take place in New York.

Without any doubt, there will be lots of more news soon!

Until then: Long Days and Pleasant Nights!

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-> German version of this article.

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