Published: The Drawing of the Three – Bitter Medicine Comic Issue #2

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In stores: The second issue of the new story-arc “Bitter Medicine”. Also available as kindle Edition/eBook-Download here.

Complete title: The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – Bitter Medicine #2

Writers: Robin Furth, Peter David
Drawings: Jonathan Marks
Coloring: Lee Loughride
Cover: Nimit Malavia

Text from Marvel:
The Gunslinger has brought ODETTA HOLMES to Midworld, but little does he realize that her darker half, DETTA WALKER poses a threat to everything that Roland holds dear! Will Roland and Eddie come up with a way to merge her two personalities before it’s too late?! Meanwhile, Roland’s clock is ticking down as the infection spreads further!

Issue preview available from

This chapter will contain five issues, the first one was released in April 2016.

Release Dates:
Issue #1: released April 20, 2016
Issue #2: released May 11, 2016
Issue #3: June 8, 2016
Issue #4: tba, probably July 2016
Issue #5: tba, probably August 2016

The book collecting all five issues will be published on October 18, 2016. Further information at

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Long Days and Pleasant Nights!

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