New Photos from the Dark Tower Movie Set in NYC

dark tower movie actors matthew mcconaughey as man in black nyc

During the last days, filming of Stephen King’s book series “The Dark Tower” has continued in New York City. Previously, it was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. Now, many new photos from the set came up, amongst this also photos of Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey als The Man in Black.

Here’s an overview of photos and links to sites with more photos (and even a video!) from the Dark Tower set in New York City: 

Photos of Idris Elba as “The Gunslinger” Roland Deschain:

dark tower movie actors idris elba as roland deschain nyc


Here you see – for the first time – Matthew McConnaughey as”Man in Black”:

dark tower movie actors matthew mcconaughey as man in black nyc2

More photos for example at our Twitter and, and on you also will find a video showing The Man in Black walking in New York!

Also, more fan-art about the upcoming Dark Tower movie adaptation comes up, for example this (fictional) movie poster on instagram:

Filming in New York City was announced some days before, photos of respective locations could be found at Twitter even before filming started (more at Liljas Library):

We surely will see a lot more news, and hopefully many more photos and videos very soon!

Until Then: Long Days and Pleasant Nights!

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