Details of Dark Tower Movie To Be Revealed at Comic-Con? #TheDarkTowerMovie

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So many great photos coming in during these days, see here for an overview about all Dark Tower movie news. But still, also many open questions, and no details on the plot. When will we see a first teaser trailer? Which character will be played by Katheryn Winnick? Hopefully we will get more answers very soon!

There is accumulating evidence that the Dark Tower Movie adaptation will be heavily promoted at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con on July 21-24.

Will we see a first teaser trailer? Can’t wait!

Here’s the evidence so far:
1) As reported by Liljas Library, more information about additional cast members and plot will be revealed “later this month”.

2) Katheryn Winnick announced earlier on Instagram that she will be “officially” on San Diego Comic-Con


3) There is an announcement for this Comic-Con that Beryl Evans will sign Charlie the Choo-Choo books. All Dark Tower lovers will remember: Beryl Evans is the name of the (fictional!) author who wrote Charlie the Choo-Choo, a children’s book referenced in the Dark Tower books (Source: Liljas Library)

Thus, we hopefully will see a lot of promotion for The Dark Tower movie very soon!

Stay Tuned for More Dark Tower News!
Until Then: Long Days and Pleasant Nights!

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