The Dark Tower – There are other worlds than these…

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There are other worlds than these…. This Reference from Stephen King’s book series “The Dark Tower” fits very well these days, and there are two reasons for this.

Reason One: The brilliant marketing campaign for the currently produced Dark Tower movie adaptation continues: Yesterdays (on a 19th!), Tom Taylor (playing Jake Chambers) posted the following picture at Twitter, including the text: “Traveller, beyond lies Mid-World. There are other worlds than these.”

However, we still have to wait some time for first videos or even a trailer, but Entertainment Weekly announced that further non-specified “first footage” will be presented at the EW Popfest taking place in Los Angeles on October 29th/30th, as program highlight. Production for the upcoming Dark Tower movie adaptation meanwhile is finished, post-production is ongoing.The movie will hit theaters on February 17th, 2017.

Second Reason: I was on vacation for some time, and thus there were no updates since around a month here despite there are many interesting Dark Tower news! Sorry for that, will catch up with all News (including SombraGroup and TheSombraGroup website mysteries) in the next days.

Until Then: Long Days and Pleaseant Nights!

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