Dark Tower Books Overview

When Stephen King was 19 years old, he was inspired by “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien and finally decided that he would write his own epic saga. He further was inspired by classical “spaghetti westerns” like “The good, the bad and the ugly” and, most importantly, by the poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” (see link to free ebook). After all, it finally lasted more than 22 years until Stephen King finally finished his magnum opus “The Dark Tower”.

Here’s a list of the books of the main series in correct reading order:

The Dark Tower 1 – The Gunslingerbook1_the gunslinger_dark tower

The Dark Tower 2 – The Drawing of the Three
book2_dark tower_the drawing of the three

The Dark Tower 3 – The Waste Lands
book3_dark tower_the waste lands

The Dark Tower 4 – Wizard and Glass
book4_dark tower_wizard and glass

The Dark Tower 4.5 – The Wind Through the Keyholebook4.5_dark tower_wind through the keyhole

The Dark Tower 5 – The Wolves of the Calla
book5_dark tower_wolves of calla

The Dark Tower 6 – Song of Susannah
book6_dark tower_song of susannah

The Dark Tower 7 – The Dark Tower
book7_dark tower_the dark tower


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