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New Rumors about the Dark Tower Movie

Two new little  pieces of news referring to the Dark Tower movie project were spreading in the internet in recent days:

First, in an interview done for Ain’t It Cool News with Aaron Paul, he was asked about his interest with the Dark Tower. His reply:

I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of [Breaking Bad], which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making it.

Second, the website Schmoesknow.com reported that Ron Howard is still planning to do the project with MRC. They also speculate that next to the movie there will be a TV series which finally might end up at Netflix. They further mention that Liam Neeson is interested to play the role of Roland Deschain.

So, that’s all possibly just rumors, and only time will tell if there is any substance in that.

Stay Tuned for more Dark Tower News!
Until then: Long Days and Pleasant Nights!